Announcing the launch of the implementation of the via recta Foundation's work plan for 2021

Which included:

1. Starting the Entrepreneurship Program.

2. Launching training programs to qualify the entrants to the labor market.

3. Providing job seekers with the necessary information about the various available job opportunities and helping them choose what suits their professional orientation.

4. Contribute to directing those wishing to engage in the labor market with the necessary skills to increase their chances of obtaining a job opportunity suitable for their abilities.

5. Creating a link between employers and those wishing to obtain it.

6. Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among the members of society and building a positive behavior towards its practice.

7. Enable entrepreneurs to keep pace with developments in the field of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

8. Embracing individual and micro initiatives and projects.

9. Achieving effective linkage between microfinance institutions and entrepreneurs.

10. Create a database that includes all the information required to achieve the center's objectives.