1- Affiliation fee.

2- Subscription fees.

3- Donations and gifts.

4- Subsidies.

5- Wills and endowments.

6- Proceeds from the corporation's activities.

7- The return on investment of the institution's funds according to its investment system.


8- Any other resources approved by the Board of Directors.

The Foundation is considered a non-profit organization and does not distribute any profits to its members, and all financial resources are used for the purpose of achieving its objectives.

This is done in a way that contributes to achieving its objectives in accordance with the following provisions:

1. The conditions contained in the wills and the money acquired through inheritance and which are used for the purposes of the Foundation in general, taking into account the legal rules applied in this context.

2. The Foundation's resources may not be used for any reason other than to achieve its objectives and as stipulated in the Articles of Association.


3. The Foundation's funds are spent according to specific rules proposed by the chief financial manager to the Board of Trustees, which approves them by an absolute majority.