About us

via recta

A non-governmental, developmental, humanitarian, relief and non-profit organization concerned with providing aid to affected children and youth and the displaced by providing training for them, supporting small productive projects for those affected, and restoring buildings damaged by terrorism for the beneficiaries of its services.

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Sakher Altoun

chairman of board of trustees

Hazem Danial

Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Samer Alrustom


Samer Ouwes


our services


Contributing to the restoration of buildings damaged by terrorism

  The destruction of infrastructure and residential and service buildings


Providing assistance to affected and displaced children and youth by providing them with training

The via recta Foundation has always believed in the process of building society


Supporting productive small projects for those whose businesses were damaged during the crisis:

The via recta Foundation has set achieving sustainable development and real


Creating a link between employers and those wishing to obtain it

The via recta Foundation works to achieve an effective link between employers

If there is any question, Please contact us.